22 December 2018
The Parent Education Conference 2018

Co-organized by the PTA and the school, the Parent Education Conference 2018, with the theme of “The Influence of Family Relationships on the Growth of Children”, was successfully held on December 8.  Comprising a thematic seminar and workshops, the Conference attracted over 160 parents and teachers.

The Conference was kicked off by the keynote speaker Dr. Peter Cheung, a local singer and the Principal of MMP workshop and Associate Dean of The Christian Cherith Ministry Institute, to share his views on the theme, followed by two parallel workshops hosted by Ms. Cheung Pui Sze Gabie (Child, Personal, Marriage and Family Therapist) and Ms. Rachael Ng (Personal, Marriage and Family Therapist, and Founder of the Family Dynamics).  The attendees found the messages of the speakers very inspiring and were keen to ask questions about better parenting strategies and healthy family relationship.

Family plays an important role in the growth of children. The relationship between family members and the way of parenting have a profound impact on shaping a child’s character and conduct.  The school will continue to provide every possible support to parents to nurture and guide the children towards the right path when they grow up.