January 24, 2019


<<Boys and Girls crowned Championship at the New Territories Secondary Schools Tennis Competition>>

Our Boys and Girls Tennis Teams won the Champion at the New Territories Secondary Schools Tennis Competition. Both teams had superb performances throughout the competition, which earned them the title of championship on January 19, 2019. It was the Girls' first and Boys' second Champion in this competition since the teams were founded 7 years ago.
Last year, both teams got the second place in the competition. After a year of hard work in training and preparation, the teams became more mature and showed their potential with passion and determination in the court. ┬áStudents did demonstrate the spirit of striving for excellence. They eventually came back with their long-awaited Championship. 
A vote of thanks to the leading teachers, coaches, parents and alumni for their continuous support and guidance, which is a key impetus in driving the tennis teams to go further.