January 28, 2019


<<Chinese New Year Decoration>>

As the Lunar New Year is approaching, the School Decoration Helpers under Parent Volunteer Programmes decorated the school campus to add festive atmosphere.
Five little lovely piggies were standing at the PS Atrium to extend Lunar New Year greetings to all kids, parents and teachers.  With the craftsmanship and creativity, the PS parent volunteers turned recycled materials into beautiful lanterns in different patterns to offer everyone of A-School blessings of joy, success and abundance.
An eye-catching backdrop is displayed at SS Atrium which depicts “Five Good Fortunes at the Door” (五福臨門). The SS parent volunteers paid a lot of efforts to beautify the school with lanterns and paper cuttings.
We appreciate the time and efforts parent volunteers contributed to the well-being of all of our students.        The beautiful decorations made us feel the warmth and care of the parents.