20 February, 2019


<<21st Century Cup National English Speaking Competition 2019>>

Two students from Secondary Division participated in the 21st Century Cup National English Speaking Competition 2019 and were ranked high among all contestants in the regional finale on January 19, 2019. G7 GILBERT Lewis James and G8 NG Pui Nam Ashley shared their thoughts on the assigned topic My Inspiring Chinese Cultural Hero, together with the agile articulation in the impromptu speech and the question-and-answer section. Their overall brilliant performance was well received by the judges and audience in the Final Contest. Lewis was awarded the 1st runner-up and Ashley in the top 11 of the junior section. The competition aims to provide a stage for Hong Kong secondary school students to demonstrate their fluency in English. It urges students to put themselves in an English-speaking environment and build up confidence through public speaking. Congratulations to the young speakers and great thanks to the English teachers for the guidance and support in this competition.

(Second from the left: G7 GILBERT Lewis James)

(front row, first from the left, G8 NG Pui Nam Ashley; fourth from the left, G7 GILBERT Lewis James)