22 February, 2019


<<Pre-race Seminar and Workshop for Vita Green Cycling for Health Marathon Challenge 2019>>

To help over 200 primary and secondary students prepare for the Vita Green Cycling for Health Marathon Challenge 2019 to be held on February 24, 2019, A-School arranged a seminar cum workshop before the competition on January 26, 2019. The Hong Kong cycling legend Mr. Wong Kam Po (Ah Po) was invited as the guest speaker. Our students and parents were extremely excited to meet him. Ah Po stood out at the UCI Track Cycling World Championships and became the first Hong Kong cyclist to win the rainbow jersey. In a span of over 20 years as a professional cyclist, Ah Po preserves his dexterity to be free from any serious sports injuries. His astonishing stamina showed during intensive trainings which 150 heart beats per minute for five to six hours was recorded. It is no wonder that Hong Kong people are proud of him and his perseverance and humility towards others have deeply touched every student. Former Hong Kong Olympic Team Doctor Mr. Kwok Chee Kin and Guangdong Sports Trauma Rehabilitation Association Dr. Yuan Yingjia introduced the preparations for the race and handling of adult and child injuries, enabling to understand more about the prevention of sports injuries and general injuries. Afterwards, students moved to the playground and listened to the requirements of the competition by Mr. Tang Wong Kei, the coach from Sha Tin Sports Association. They also learnt cycling techniques to enhance their skill and safety awareness. In addition, students went to Hong Kong Velodrome from January 25 to 27, 2019 in batches to participate in guided tours and watched the 2018/2019 Hong Kong UCI Track Cycling World Cup. Our boys and girls gave their big hurray when witnessing Hong Kong Olympics medalist Sarah Lee bagging the gold medal.