25 February, 2019


<<2019 Korean Cultural Experience Camp>>

In January, nine students from G7 and G8 joined the 2019 Korean Cultural Experience Camp organized by Global Vision Christian School in South Korea. During the stay, our students met counterparts from Taiwan and Indonesia. All were divided into groups to complete different tasks together. Our students experienced Korean culture by joining Korean language class, ceramic workshop and Taekwondo lesson, etc. Apart from attending lessons, our students had the chance to learn skiing in Gangchon. They also explored Seoul and visited some famous attractions such as the birthplace of Ban Ki-moon, former Secretary-General of the United Nations, Samsung d’light, the global promotion and exhibition centre of the electronics conglomerate and the N Seoul Tower, commonly known as Namsan Tower. The exchange programme had deepened our students’ appreciation of Korean culture and built friendship with Korean, Taiwanese and Indonesian students.