27 February, 2019


<<Dance World Cup 2019>>

Jazz Dance Team of Secondary Division participated in the Dance World Cup 2019 Hong Kong Qualifying Match on February 11, 2019 and won the Gold Award in the Junior Large Group Commercial category. The girls transformed into professional spies and staged their dexterous performance "Mission Possible" for the audience. Good news was also heard in the solo competition. G8 NG Pui Nam Ashley scooped the Gold Award in the Asian Cup Children Solo Ballet Pointe Shoes category with a record-high score of 94.9 points. G10 YUEN Tin Wai Elena competed with other strong competitors in the Hong Kong Qualifying Junior Solo Hip Hop category and took the Gold Award. Apart from Ashley and Elena, G9 KWOK Atrie also participated and paid her full effort on stage. All the winners are qualified to enter the Dance World Cup final in Braga, Portugal in June 2019. Hoping all will enjoy every part of the competition and wishing them the best of luck and achievements.