1 March, 2019


<<Green Week 2018-19>>

WThe Green Week 2018-19 held in late January concluded successfully. Aiming to promote the idea of “Sustainable Living”, the Green Week provided an opportunity to develop our students into global citizens to care for and take actions to protect the environment in a sustainable way. A series of activities with designated topics were arranged to promote Eco-friendly lifestyle. Each chamber was invited to design and make a board display with topics about climate change and environmental protection. On the second day, ECO Pioneers organized the Inter-chamber Chess Game and the winning chambers received bonus points for the Green Knowledge Quiz. To enhance students’ understanding of the importance of maintaining a sustainable living environment, videos and short films about Green Architecture and Green City were broadcast in atrium during lunch time. Furthermore, display of selected Chinese medicine specimen was shown in the atrium where students could learn more about the traditional Chinese medicine. Last but not least, Chamber Einstein won the Inter-chamber Green Knowledge Quiz and the score received would be contributed to the Chamber Shield.