11 March, 2019


Liberal Studies Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Study Tour

Senior Secondary students joined a four-day Liberal Studies Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Study Tour to learn the changes within the region as well as China, and to explore Independent Enquiry Study (IES) topics in multi-faceted ways.

The tour started from Shenzhen, the nearest city to Hong Kong, to look into the local development of innovation and technology, social security, and medical care. Then students traveled to Zhaoqing (肇慶), which positions itself as a leisure and tourist city, to visit the famous attractions such as Seven Star Cave (七星岩) and Dinghu Mountain (鼎湖山). Students compared the similarities and differences between Zhaoqing and Hong Kong, so as to draw experiences from each other.

In addition to the usual observation and street interview methodologies, the Liberal Studies Department cooperated with the Science Department to carry out comprehensive scientific tests for air and water quality detection. Together with the use of panoramic picture and 360-degree camera, the research process and results were recorded for future use so that their fellow students can learn more about China through Virtual Reality (VR) and other e-learning devices, as well as enhancing the teaching and learning interaction in Liberal Studies.