15 March, 2019


<<Good News from Secondary Division’s Sports Teams>>

Good news keeps coming from various Sports Teams of the Secondary Division in recent inter-school competitions.

[Table Tennis Team]
The Table Tennis Team made the history by winning the Boys B Grade Champion for the first time. After defeating Pui Kiu College and Tak Shun Secondary School to enter the final, the team withstood the strong push from SKH Tsang Shiu Tim Secondary School to crown the Champion. The girls’ team also took its first award by winning over the Shatin Tsung Tsin Secondary School and got the 2nd Runner-up in Girls B Grade.

[Badminton Team]
Following the success of last year, the Girls C Grade Badminton Team continued to show their dominance without losing a single set in the final. The team beat Shatin Pui Ying College 3-0 and clinched the gold medal.

[Cross Country Team]
The Cross Country Team demonstrated strong determination before the Inter-School Long Distance Competition. The members initiated extra training on their own including the morning run before the school starts. Their efforts bore fruits when they got the 2nd Runner-up in Boys A Grade, 8th place in Girls A Grade and 6th place in both Boys and Girls B Grade in the overall results.

All the good results could not be achieved without the guidance of the teachers in charge and their patience and encouragement to the teams. Credits also go to the team coaches for providing comprehensive coaching and development for the teams’ consistent and sustained improvement. Thank you all the team members for their hard work to strive for excellence.


[Table Tennis Team] Boys B Grade Champion and Girls B Grade 2nd Runner-up


[Badminton Team] Girls C Grade Champion


[Cross Country Team] Boys A Grade 2nd Runner-up, 8th place in Girls A Grade, 6th place in both Boys and Girls B Grade in the overall results