4 April, 2019


2018 World Class Tests and 2019 Elite Competition Award Presentation Ceremony

Primary and Secondary students shine in the international benchmarking assessment World Class Tests (WCT). With their remarkable talents, the school is awarded “Most Outstanding Group Performance & Most Double Distinction (Secondary) 2018 Award”, in recognition of A-School being the one with the highest number of students achieving distinction as well as double distinction in Mathematics and Problem Solving.

G6 ZHANG Jiawen, G7 WONG Chun Ho and G8 LEONG Pak Yiu stood out in the 2019 Elite Competition to snatch the Gold Award. Double Distinction awardees G8 LEUNG Tsz Ching and G7 WONG Chun Ho were presented the Most Outstanding Award for their excellent result in Secondary 2 Problem Solving and Secondary 1 Mathematics and Problem Solving categories respectively in the 2018 WCT-Autumn in the Award Presentation Ceremony at the Chinese University of Hong Kong on March 16, 2019.

A-School aims to develop students’ interest, understanding and acquisition of mathematical concepts and problem solving skills from an early learning stage in a stimulating environment, where they actively explore the infinite world of mathematics through discussions and experiments.