23 April, 2019


<<Result of Inter-school Volleyball Competition>>

After a series of hard-fought battles, our Boys and Girls B Grade Volleyball Teams of Secondary Division entered the final at the Inter-school Volleyball Competition on March 31, 2019.

With the continuous and dedicated guidance from the leading teacher and coach of the volleyball teams, the Boys Team made great improvement and showed their outstanding attack and defense over the opponent, dominated the match from the first set and successfully crowned the championship.

The Girls Team prepared as much as they could before the match and tried different ways to defend the powerful attack and serving from the opponent. The girls kept fighting and maintained high spirit throughout the competition, however, they could not manage the number of turnovers and errors and came to the 2nd place.

The outstanding performance of both teams deserved respect and appreciation. Credits also went to teachers, students, parents and alumni who showed up to cheer for the teams.