30 April, 2019


<<Kindergarten Principals Reunion 2018/19>>

About 20 kindergarten principals attended the first Kindergarten Principals Reunion hosted by A-School on April 2, 2019. Our Chief Principal, assistant principals, together with teachers warmly received the guests and introduced the latest development and achievements of A-School.

The event provided an opportunity for our students of both Primary and Secondary Divisions and alumni who graduated from respective kindergartens to reconnect with their past mentors and share about their school life here. The principals were very glad to see the children they first taught being nurtured in a place that endeavors to foster qualities of the 21st Century talents. The interaction between them and the children certainly made the event worthwhile and heartwarming.

Quality kindergarten education plays an important role in the early stage of child development. A smooth transition from kindergarten to primary school contributes significantly to students’ whole-person growth and well-being. The meaningful discussion and exchange during the reunion on a variety of education-related topics facilitated kindergarten-primary school interface in building up good foundation in young age. The get together has strengthened ties between A-School and the early education sector to cultivate future leaders.