6 May, 2019


<<STEAM Week 2019>>

To boost students’ curiosity towards daily life phenomena and understanding about STEAM applications in daily living, the STEAM Week was held between April 1 and 12, 2019 in both Secondary and Primary Divisions.

With the theme of “Do the Steam, Fly the Dream”, PS Division held a series of competitions and booth games about mechanics, coding and flying science. For example, Dash Robot maze competition, Artec robot obstacle climbing competition, air rocket, rubber band helicopter, etc. Through various fun activities in lunch recess, morning sharing and science school tour show, students strengthened their science knowledge and problem solving skills.

The STEAM-related departments in Secondary Division, including Science, Information Technology, Visual Arts and Mathematics Departments, organized different interesting demonstrations and set up interactive booths. Activities such as inter-chamber STEAM Challenge, Mathematics Day, ORII Workshop & Orbis VR experience, Technology Day, Grade 7 “21st Century Classroom” Design Showcase, Science Day and Grade 8 Robo Sumo Competition were arranged to arouse students’ interests of STEAM. The activities helped students make better and sophisticated connections of STEAM in everyday life.