22 May, 2019


<<Arts Festival 2019 “Passion for Arts">>

The leading event of A-School’s arts calendar, the annual Arts Festival 2019 kicked off on May 3, 2019. With the theme as “Passion for Arts”, the Festival spanning near two weeks made use of different channels inside and outside campus, such as workshop, performance and exhibition, to cultivate students’ passion for arts.

A series of appealing activities were arranged at school during the Festival, including choir, dance, drama and rope-skipping performances by students during lunch time, arts workshops plus guided tour of exhibition, and talks on painting and wood sculpture delivered by local promising artists Mr. WONG Chun Hei and Mr. LAU Hok Shing respectively.

The highlight of the Festival, the full-house Variety Show, was held at the Academic Community Hall on May 7, 2019 with concerted efforts from both PS and SS divisions. The well-arranged and rehearsed performances received great applause from the audience.

G12 graduates put their creative fruits of their 3-year study of HKDSE on display for the annual exhibition APEX Graduation Show at the Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre from May 8 to 13. The exhibition will be moved into the School’s Visual Arts Gallery from June 14 to 28. Apart from our G12 class, two local artists Ms. AU Hoi Lam and Mr. Tang Kwok Hin, together with two students from the primary division were also invited to join the exhibition.

Arts Festival aims to strengthen the aesthetic atmosphere at A-School and offer a platform for our students to showcase their talents. It engages everyone in arts.