7 June, 2019


<<Result of National Putonghua Proficiency Test>>

Nine junior grade students from Secondary Division achieved excellent results in the National Putonghua Proficiency Test. Students completed the GAPSK Putonghua Proficiency Test in Grade 8, then challenged themselves with the Putonghua Test of higher level. The results were so encouraging that nine students achieved the Level 2 or above, among which G9 DU Wanying reached Level 1.

The Putonghua Proficiency Test focuses on the capacity and spoken fluency in Standard Chinese. Results are classified into six grades in three levels. In China, Putonghua teachers, voice actors, news presenters and the like must attain Level 1. To achieve the highest level, candidates must be able to show strict adherence to the standard Chinese grammar and phonology. Native speakers of Chinese languages might not be able to fulfill the requirements easily.

A-School is committed to cultivating students' language proficiency and encouraging students to participate in international benchmarking examinations to ensure that students' language skills are in line with the international standard.