28 June, 2019


<<Results of Annual Inter-school Sports Competitions>>

To celebrate G12 students entering a new milestone, the High Table Dinner for 2018-19 Graduates was held on June 14, 2019. We were delighted to have Prof. Ng Ching Fai, former President of Beijing Normal University-Hong Kong Baptist University United International College, to be our Honourable Guest. The competition seasons of 2018-19 school year have come to an end. After a year of preparation and hard-work, our school teams have given their best in the competitions and achieved another year of success.

Out of 50 member schools in the Shatin & Sai Kung Area, A-School’s Boys and Girls Teams stood at 4th and 6th respectively as in previous year, but they made remarkable improvements in the total points. The Boys’ points jumped from 212 to 271 and the Girls’ from 122 to 175. Our young athletes deserve a round of applause for winning the championships in Boys Softball, Boys and Girls Tennis, Boys and Girls Fencing, Boys B Table Tennis, Girls C Badminton, and also the achievements in Soccer, Volleyball (Division II) and all other school teams' efforts.

Thanks again to all the teachers and instructors of the teams for providing high quality training and kind support throughout the year.