18 July, 2019


<<Project-based Learning Showcase 2019 – “A-Wonder”>>

A-School’s annual gala the Project-based Learning (“PBL”) Showcase Day was successfully held on July 6, 2019. Every year, our students carry out three-week experiential learning after the completion of Term 2 assessment, during which they are engaged in either overseas or local trips and researches on social, humanity or technological issues. Students work in groups and share their findings in creative ways on the carnival-like Showcase Day.

To solve global problems such as ageing population, obesity, pollution, global warming, cultural preservation and the like, our students have conducted a series of detailed research and analysis to design solutions of their own vision. Be it trivial, whimsical or somehow too imaginative, the solutions showcased are our younger generation’s preliminary responses to the ever-changing world. With the continuous cultivation from our teachers, students’ ideas may one day come into reality and become “A-Wonder” to society.