31 August, 2019


<<Award Ceremony of the 12th HKQAA "My Dream Home">>

Our Campus TV Team and Visual Arts Team were awarded certificates of commendation at the award ceremony of the 12th HKQAA "My Dream Home" programme on 31 August, 2019. The “My Dream Home Contest” aimed to nurture students’ commitment to civil responsibilities, and encourage them to contribute to the society.

Congratulations to all our promising young producers -

1st Runner-up of the Microfilm Contest, Campus TV Team (G10 CHAN Po Yan, G10 YAU Yik Hang, G10 ZHANG Chak Fung and ex-Chairperson alumnus WONG Tsz Ming Jimmy)

Merit Award of the Drawing Contest, Visual Arts Team (G6 LEUNG Tsz Yau and G2 LEUNG Tsz Hei)

Finalist of the Poster Design Contest, Visual Arts Team (G12 KWOK Pui Yu)

To appreciate the works of the winning entries, please click the following links -