23 September, 2019


<<Library Reopening – Wong Ting Chung Library>>

A-School is pleased to announce that the library renovation project has been completed during the summer period and all library services have be resumed.

We are so grateful to receive a generous donation from Mr. Wong Ting Chung in support of the enhancement of our school library. To honour the generosity of Mr. Wong, the library was renamed “Wong Ting Chung Library”. Aiming to make the environment more spacious and user-friendly with a wider application of IT devices, the library, after renovation, offers more capacity to facilitate students’ reading, self-directed learning and group discussion.

Thanks to the school librarians of both divisions, as well as the former school librarian Mr. Sidney Lui, together with parent volunteers, for their great devotion and hard work to tidy up the newly refurbished library. We hope to see more parents joining the volunteers' team to support the library's daily operation.

Welcome back all A-School book lovers. We hope you’ll enjoy reading and exploring in the new library.