27 September, 2019


<<Parent-Teacher Coffee and Tea Social Gathering of Secondary Division>>

Parental support is always one of the most crucial factors affecting children’s growth. To start a new school year, “Parent-Teacher Coffee and Tea Social Gathering cum G7 and G9 Curriculum Evening” was held on 27 September, 2019.

Enrollment from about 600 parents was received. The coffee and tea social gathering provided a great opportunity for parents to understand more from the teachers about their children’s study progress and school life. The two parallel sessions of Curriculum Evening gave G7 parents an overall picture of the curriculum features and the learning expectation of junior secondary school, and let G9 parents know the characteristics of senior study to facilitate their planning of further study with their children.

Our appreciation goes to the parents for their participation. The close interaction between parents and teachers would definitely help the students scale new heights in the school year.