6 December, 2019


<<Parent Education Conference 2019 >>

“Parent Education Conference 2019”, the highlighted annual event of A-Parent Education Academy was successfully held on November 23, 2019. Featuring “Walking Together on the Path of Growth”, two local renowned experts on parenting, namely Ms TANG Oi Lam and Mrs MAK HO Siu Kuen, were invited to speak in the Conference to share their valuable tips for communicating with and nurturing children.

Having hosted a parent-child programme in the RTHK Radio 1 for 13 years and currently a columnist for the Hong Kong Economic Times, Ms. Tang shared with parents her experience in positive parent-child communication. Mrs Mak, a veteran occupational therapist and the author of a popular parenting book, provided her tips for improving children’s motivation and adversity quotient.

Great thanks to our guest speakers for sharing with us the valuable experience in their parenthood. The Conference was very inspiring in letting parents explore more deeply in family education.