30 January, 2020


<<Science Talk - Physics Playground >>

It is our honour to have Dr. Tong Shiu Sing, the senior lecturer from the Physics Department of the Chinese University of Hong Kong and one of the most recognisable physicists in town, to visit A-School on January 7, 2020 and show our G11-12 science students the beauty of science in his great talk. Knowing the practical value of science, we sometimes forget how interesting it could be.

Turning himself as the magician of electricity, Dr. Tong inspired our students with the fun of science besides its practical value through lighting up a bulb even though its filament is broken, making a fluorescent tube glow with microwave without a supply of electricity, and even generating electricity in ways out of our expectations.

Many thanks to Dr. Tong for his lively talk and demonstrations. Students were engaged in the fun activities. They have not only learnt concepts of Physics but also appreciated the charm of Science.