14 February, 2020


<<A-School Live Lessons>>

A-Schoolers are continuing to demonstrate the spirit of striving for excellence even though we are now facing the epidemic concerning the Novel Coronavirus infection and the resulting deferral of class resumption.

Here at A-School, we have successfully started our ‘Live Lessons’ where our teachers have been conducting lessons with their students real-time by making effective use of the technology available. It was not surprising to see the joy on the faces of both, the teachers and the students, by seeing each other on the screens and starting lessons with heartfelt and joyful cries of ‘Hello’ and ‘I”m sooooo happy to see you!’

Teachers can deliver lessons live and students can ask for teachers' timely guidance and feedback at home to sustain their learning and develop good self-directed learning habits according to the suggested timetable on a daily basis.

It was a stepping stone to roll-out ‘Live Lessons’ to foster qualities of the 21st Century talents. It also demonstrates technological prowess on the part of our students who could smoothly utilize different learning tools and actively participate in the ‘Live Lessons’.

The ‘Live Lessons’ could not have been so smooth and successful without our professional teams' dedication and parents' tremendous support. Irrespective of the location where learning takes place, one thing is unchanged – high-quality student engagement and student-teacher bonds remain at the heart of our lessons.