25 February, 2020


<<Preventive Measures for Novel Coronavirus Infection>>

Students and staff's well-being are always our first and greatest concern. A-School has heightened vigilance and strengthened preventive measures since early February with reference to the advice and guidelines given by the Centre for Health Protection (CHP). Here are some of the measures we have taken:

  1. All people once entering the school premises must have their temperature checked and are required to wear masks. Alcohol-based handrub is provided in places where handwashing facility is not available.
  2. The school has maintained good hygienic standard of its premises through thorough cleaning and disinfection following the guidelines as well as procedures of preparing and using diluted bleach provided by the CHP.
  3. Good indoor ventilation is maintained. Our air-conditioners are kept well-maintained with their dust-fillers cleaned regularly.
  4. The school has maintained drainage pipes properly and regularly filled the water traps with water to ensure environmental hygiene.
  5. Lidded bins have been placed in school premises for mask disposal.
  6. Students were instructed and educated to wash their hands and wear masks properly before class suspension. During class suspension, related information was delivered to students via live lessons, Google Classroom and A-Moment webpage (for PS).

During the class suspension, the school has put in place all the preventive measures and remains open. Masks and adequate personal protective equipment (PPE) are available to protect our staff and janitors against health risks at work. We have arranged staff to be on duty to look after students who have to go back to school, handle school affairs and parents’ enquiries. Our teachers also continue to exert their utmost to prepare teaching and learning materials and follow up the learning progress and other needs of students. Last but not least, we are grateful to have a team of dedicated janitors to maintain good hygiene of our school premises. To show gratitude to our staff and teachers, the Principals have given them hand sanitizers and vitamin C effervescent. We also sincerely thank all parents for their guidance to the children and support to the school during this period.

Together, We Fight the Virus! Stay healthy!