25 April, 2020


Message from the Chief Principal to G12 Students

Dear all G12 students,

The rapid spread of the COVID-19 across the world has brought a substantial change to the normal routine and regular patterns of life of every one of us for the greater good not just on ourselves, but on our loved ones and our communities. As the HKDSE 2020 exam takers, you are unavoidably affected due to the further postponement of the exam schedule and cancellation of the oral exams for both Chinese and English Languages under the influence of COVID-19.

With the DSE exam approaching next week, you might be getting fidgety. There is no doubt that the coming public exam is one of the biggest challenges you have ever met in the lifetime, as your path of further studies depends on your exam results and it is an important milestone for future career development. As the one who has come a long way, I want to let you know that the DSE exam is just a tiny one among all the upcoming challenges. In fact, since the first minute we were born, we have faced countless difficulties so as to live in the way we want and prepare ourselves to fit into society. More importantly, they never end. However, it does not mean that we have to forsake our dreams when facing unknown situations or even obstacles. With your self-confidence and a peaceful state of mind, I believe that you can overcome them. As the US basketball legend Kobe Bryant once said, 'Everything negative -- pressure, challenges -- is all an opportunity for me to rise'. Don’t be panic when you face difficulties and don't give up easily. In the ever-changing world, more challenges are waiting for you in the path of pursuing dreams. The teenage years are the best time for trying, experiencing, learning and recognising oneself. Also, trust yourself and do your best, and you should find your way gradually.

Remember that a little effort makes a big difference! Please stay confident in the exam. As the English saying goes, “The darkest hour is just before the dawn”. There are tough times which really test your courage and your capabilities of facing unfavourable situations. How well you tackle these adversities will prove your true colours.

The COVID-19 might have brought disruption to your preparation for the DSE exam. At the time of difficulties, always think positive, take reasonable and cautious actions to maintain good mental and physical well-being. Don't forget to strike a balance between study and rest!

A-School is always and forever your warm family and a stable shelter. Though we will not be able to hold your hands and you need to count on yourselves to solve the problems in the future, I have confidence that you can manage the situations well as you are well-prepared for the upcoming challenges with the diversified knowledge and soft skills you have learnt here. Bear in mind the motto of A-School “Strive for Excellence”. You have the full support from the A-School community to accompany you on the path that leads you to identify your passion.

Finally, I wish you all the best in the DSE exams and every success in the road of pursuing your dreams.

Best regards,
Benjamin Chan
Chief Principal, HKBUAS