15 May, 2020


<<Tribute to healthcare workers>>

During the outbreak of coronavirus, our students honoured the courageous healthcare workers in the battle against the pandemic on the front lines in the thanksgiving activities based on the yearly theme – Flourish from me to WE.

We are delighted to see students actively engaged in supporting frontline workers in their own capacities. Our primary students sent their gratitude in drawings, pictures and music pieces while secondary students showed their sincere appreciation in card designs and messages.

Students’ works were delivered to the Prince of Wales Hospital on 4 May, 2020. Warmed by the gratitude of our students, Ms Choi, the Patient Relations Officer, expressed her appreciation for their sincerity and thoughtfulness. We hope that the art pieces would convey students’ heartfelt thanks and best wishes to all healthcare workers, who have so much respect for their hard work, dedication and enormous effort.