12 August, 2020


<<Video production by our alumnus – Jimmy WONG>>

Jimmy WONG Tsz Ming, our 2019 alumnus and the ex-chairperson of the Campus TV Team, deserves recognition for his contribution to A-School Campus TV Team.

Motivated by the passion for multimedia, Jimmy was devoted to the Campus TV Team and had been awarded in many competitions during his study at A-School. Currently pursuing a degree programme of Film and Television at the SCAD, he has been staying closely connected with A-School and taking part in some of the school video productions. A vote of thanks to Jimmy. His sharing on what he learnt in his undergraduate study with his younger brothers and sisters helps enhance their skills and knowledge of video production. With his talent and determination of striving for excellence, we truly believe Jimmy will unleash his true potential and flourish in the days to come.

Now, let’s enjoy Jimmy’s production to take a glimpse of the life in “A-School’s Campus”.