3 December, 2020


<< Visual Arts Teacher Commendation Scheme 2020 >>

A-School is delighted to share with you an exciting news from the VA Team of Secondary Division. Our VA teachers have received an Award of Excellence from the Visual Arts Teacher Commendation Scheme by the Hong Kong Society for Education in Art. Recognizing the outstanding performance and ambition of local VA teachers, the Scheme encourages them to pursue excellence and keep advancing their quality of teaching through sharing and exchange of ideas, thereby achieving the long-term goal of enhancing the status of VA education in academia.

Congratulations to Mr. Akai Law, Ms. Ahtong Fok and Mr. Sam Tang for receiving the recognition for their dedication, passion and achievements in promoting arts education in A-School. The theme of the Visual Arts Teacher Commendation Scheme 2020 is “Nurturing an Artistic Atmosphere on Campus”. We truly appreciate their efforts in bringing us the aroma of art all over A-School, as well as inspiring students to express themselves through arts.