Student Development

Personal growth

The mission of the Student Development Division is to enhance the whole person development of students. We provide a safe learning environment for the students, empowering them to be spiritually mature, wise and informed, artistic, physically strong, creative and civic-minded.

Upholding the tradition and educational belief of the Hong Kong Baptist University, we aim at developing students to be contributing global citizens with national pride at heart. We focus on exploring students’ potential in an environment where East meets West. Moreover, we help students develop a sense of belonging to the school throughout various programs and activities.

We mentor our students, fostering their personal growth with the following elements,
•          Aim high and takes initiative towards learning 
•          Positive emotional and social well being
•          Positive moral and civic values towards life
•          Be confident and self-disciplined
•          Good judgment
•          Perseverance and “Never give up” attitude
•          Positive interpersonal relationship with parents, teachers and classmates
•          Lifelong learner

Our Student Development Division is divided into different sub-divisions which include Student Management & Support, Students’ Advancement Support, Moral & Civic Education, Guidance, Alumni Affairs and Home-School Liaison.

We CARE about people