🌸 Celebrating the Unconditional Love of Mothers 🌸


On this special occasion of Mother's Day, let's take a moment to honour our mothers' incredible strength and tenderness. They shower us with boundless love and teach us the true meaning of love and compassion. Their care and understanding warms our souls, while their unwavering affection and patience give us the courage to face any challenges. We are truly fortunate and proud to have them in our lives.

In order to instill gratitude and filial piety in our students, our school has curated a series of meaningful activities for Mother's Day on May 8th (Wednesday) and May 10th (Friday). These activities include designing personalised love cards, crafting thoughtful notebook gifts, a captivating mother-themed book exhibition, heartwarming storytelling sessions by mothers, and an opportunity for students to express their heartfelt gratitude.

Through these engaging activities, our students will learn to cherish and appreciate their mothers' selfless love and sacrifices. They will understand the significance of expressing love, respect, and gratitude toward their mothers. It is an opportunity for them to unleash their creativity and shower their mothers with love-filled gestures.

To all the incredible mothers out there, we send our deepest blessings. May your lives be filled with eternal health and boundless happiness! May you be surrounded by love and joy each day. Thank you, dear mothers, for being the most cherished individuals in our lives. We will forever hold you close in our hearts with love that knows no bounds.

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