Celebrating Students’ External Excellence


The Prize Presentation ceremony is a celebration of our students' exceptional accomplishments outside of the classroom. Their academic, artistic, and athletic excellence have been well recognized and applauded.

In the Eye Level Hong Kong Critical Thinking Math Challenge 2024, several of our students excelled. Students 1A AU Hei Shuen, 1C WONG Hoi Ka, and 1E CHOW Barron received the Distinction Award. 1D WONG Suet Faye was awarded the prestigious Gold Award in the same competition.

Our students also achieved remarkable results in The 75th Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival. In the Putonghua Solo Verse Speaking category, 3E CHENG Lik Tin Luke, 4A LUK Yat Shing, and 6D LEUNG Tsz Hei emerged as Champions. For the Cantonese Solo Verse Speaking, 3A TSE Him Yau and 5A YUEN Hoi Kam were crowned as Champions. In the English Solo Verse Speaking, our students 1B MOK Sum Kiu, 1D WONG Suet Faye, 3B FONG Lok Hei, 3E CHENG Lik Tin Luke, 4A LEUNG Chi Yan, 5B TSANG Si Pui Isabelle, and 6D LEUNG Tsz Hei also claimed the Champion title. Furthermore, 4D LI Catherine was awarded the prestigious Honours for her outstanding performance in the English Solo Verse Speaking.

Congratulations to all the award winners! Your achievements outside the classroom are truly inspirational and a testament to your hard work and dedication. We eagerly anticipate your future accomplishments.