Honoring Academic, Artistic, and Sporting External Achievements


Congratulations to all the exceptional students who were recognized and celebrated at our recent prize presentation! Your academic brilliance, artistic talent, and sporting achievements 
truly inspire us. In the Guangdong -  Hong Kong - Macao Greater Bay Area Mathematical Olympiad 2024, 3C KWOK Cheuk Yin Jareth got the First Prize in both the Preliminary Round (Hong Kong) and Qualifier Round (Greater Bay)!

Our STEAM team also had exceptional results in the Robofest 2024 - Hong Kong Selection (UMC). 5B CHEUNG Hoi Leong Timothy, 6A CHAN Ho Kai, 6A TSANG Siu Wang and 6C CHUI Hang Lok got the 2nd Runner Up in the Junior Group. 5A LO Alexander Zi-Kiu, 5B YUEN Lok Hin, 5C TANG Sherlock and 6D CHEUNG Yu Lun Markus even got the 1st Runner Up!

The award winners showcased remarkable dedication, passion, and talent in their respective fields. Their achievements serve as a testament to their hard work and perseverance. We hope to hear more good news from you!