Huge Success at Our Open House!


We're thrilled to share that over 5000 visitors attended our recent G1 Admission Briefing cum Open House, and it was an absolute delight!

Our principals kicked things off with inspiring briefings, highlighting our students' remarkable academic achievements and our school's bold vision for the future. The energy and excitement in the air were palpable.

As families explored our campus, they were wowed by the incredible displays showcasing the depth and breadth of our curriculum. From subject-specific booths to leadership initiatives and student development programs, there was so much to discover.

A special shoutout to our dedicated PTA for their super hit booths in the atrium - the visitors were captivated by the engaging activities and resources they had put together.

But the true stars of the day were our exceptional student ambassadors! Visitors raved about their exceptional manners, their deep pride in being part of our school community, and their fluency and confidence in introducing their work. The students truly embodied our school's values.

And the entertainment? Absolutely breathtaking! The Chinese dance performance and music ensemble performances left the large crowds mesmerized and eager for more.

And of course, who could forget the lovable PERCCI bear, our school mascot, charming all the little visitors at the entrance? It was a sight to behold!

We are so grateful to all the families who joined us and for the overwhelming positive feedback. This Open House was a true testament to the vibrancy of our school community. We can't wait to welcome even more families in the future!