15th School Anniversary

Time flies! Our school is entering its 15th year since it was established in 2006. In these 15 years, the school has been growing fast, laying down many milestones denoting our concerted effort and accomplishments in different aspects. Today, A-School is one of the most prestigious schools in Hong Kong. We are so proud of being or having been a member of A-School. Let’s get together again to celebrate this special occasion, and wish the school greater success in the years to come!

To mark the school’s 15th anniversary, there will be a number of celebratory events throughout the school year. Please come and join us!

15th Anniversary Logo Design Competition

Thanks for students’ active participation, many good entries were received for the competition. After our careful selection, awarded entries were chosen from each division as follows:

15th logo

The overall champion is CHOY Cheuk Yu Renee from class 12E. Her design neatly features the key elements of the anniversary theme: the school campus, the year of school establishment and the year of school anniversary in the same colours of those used in our school uniforms.


Congratulations to all the winners!

Opening Ceremony of Joshua Hall

Thanks to our donor, Kwok Chung Bo Fun Charitable Fund, for their generous support to the establishment of a new activity centre for our students, namely the “Joshua Hall”. When you pass by this new venue, you will definitely be fascinated by its beautiful architectural features including a grand cross sculpture and some inspirational bible verses.

The Opening Ceremony of Joshua Hall was held on January 22, 2021. The elegantly-designed Joshua Hall provides multi-purpose activity space with enclosable glass doors, air-conditioning units and a billboard-size LED screen which allow year-round comfort for students, teachers and parents alike to engage in a variety of activities such as school team training, seminars and solemn Christian congregation, etc.

15th Anniversary Photography Competition

This is an inter-class competition in both primary and secondary divisions. Students are encouraged to submit photos that can illustrate the anniversary theme in the most relevant and eye-catching way.


15th Anniversary Visual Arts & School Photo Exhibition

Many of our students are talented in visual arts and photography. Facing the school’s 15th anniversary, they are so eager to visualize their feelings and perspectives towards the school in creative ways.


Variety Show

Every year, the school will organize a variety show at an external venue to let our students showcase their talents in singing, dancing, instrumental performance and an English musical, to name but a few.

This year, our students will perform something related to the anniversary theme. Can’t wait to watch their great performances again!


Establishment of A-Memory Gallery

Though 15 years is not very long per se, we did make countless accomplishments over the years. Let’s collect photos and artifacts for each milestone, and share our cherished collective memories with friends of A-School through this newly established gallery.


Open Day

Every year, we will organize a Project-based Learning Showcase Day at school to let our students share their learning outcomes from project work with parents and schoolmates.

This year, to mark the school’s 15th anniversary, the event will be open to the public, and includes more elements such as interactive activities, campus tours, student performances and stall games.


15th Anniversary Dinner

A gala dinner will be held in Jan 2022 to conclude our celebration of the 15th school anniversary. Through this gathering, we can reconnect with our old friends and reminisce about our happy times at A-School.

Please stay tuned with us. More details of the above events will be announced in due course.