Liberal Arts


Our Liberal Arts (LA) curriculum (Grade 7 - 9) aims to develop students' global vision, critical thinking and high-order thinking by studying global, China and Hong Kong issues.

Curriculum Framework 

Grade  Topics
Grade 7
  • Adolescents’ Self-esteem    
  • Adolescents’ Interpersonal Relationship
  • The Changes of Family Relationship 
  • Cultural Globalization and Us  
Grade 8
  • What is Quality of Life? 
  • What Polarized Hong Kong People’s Wealth Disparity?
  • How Can We Improve Hong Kong People’s Quality of Life?  
Grade 9
  • What is Globalization?  
  • What are the Impacts of Economic Globalization on Us? 
  • Is Globalization a Blessing or Curse to China?  


Medium of Instruction

To let students explore different social issues with their most familiar language, A-School started to provide both EMI (English as the medium of instruction) and CMI (Chinese as the medium of instruction) classes for students to choose in 2017-18.  Students can apply to enroll in LA (EMI) class in Term 2 of Grade 6 according to their personal preference and language proficiency, while Grade 7 new students can do so when they are completing the registration. 

Academic Activities

It is one of the important learning strategies of LA to let students experience the social phenomena discussed in LA lessons, hence our teachers organize visits from time to time allowing students to walk out of the campus and care for the society.

LA department collaborated with LS Club and Greeners Action to organize a “vegetable picking action”. Students went to Wo Che Market to collect discarded vegetables and donated them to poor people. The action let our students experience food waste problem in Hong Kong, help the disadvantaged and reflect on how to reduce food waste.