Liberal Arts


The aims of Liberal Arts (Grade 7 to Grade 9), a school-based cross key-learning areas curriculum, are:

  • to develop in students a positive self-understanding, enhance competence to meet daily and future challenges, and pursue their goals and aspirations;
  • to enable students to make decisions for the optimal use of personal and community resources;
  • to develop students to become informed and responsible citizens to contribute to the development of a caring and just society; and
  • to cultivate in students’ sensitivity, interests and concern for local, national and global issues.

Curriculum Framework 

Liberal Arts cover the learning elements of personal development, Hong Kong’s development, Chinese and foreign cultures and global vision. It is composed of core modules and extended modules. Core modules consist of essential learning elements that students are expected to master in the learning process, while the extended parts provide them opportunities to explore topics related to the foundation part, so as to broaden or deepen their learning and meet their interests.

LA curriculum framework

Liberal Arts adopt the enquiry-based learning approach and diversified teaching strategies like role-playing, project-based learning, etc. Students will be interested in some social and world phenomena. They can apply their knowledge of different disciplines by using different analysis frameworks taught in this subject to analyse different controversial issues so as to construct concrete arguments and cultivate their critical thinking.

Medium of Instruction

To let students explore different social issues in their most familiar language, A-School started to provide both EMI (English as the medium of instruction) and CMI (Chinese as the medium of instruction) classes for students to choose since 2017.  Students can apply to enroll in LA (EMI) class in Term 2 of Grade 6 according to their personal preference and language proficiency, while Grade 7 new students can do so when they are completing their registrations. 

Learning Activities

Allowing students to experience social phenomena discussed in class is one of the key learning strategies of Liberal Arts. Through different types of learning activities like school-based project-based learning, inter-school creative design thinking competitions, inter-school debate competitions (Chinese debate team), Shatin Flower Belt and Taiping Qingjiao Cultural Studies, Hong Kong Basic law Secondary School Quiz and Project learning Competition and the visit of Legislative Council (LS Club). They allow students to get out of campus and know more about the society.

LA learning activities


A-School has long been integrating debate into the curriculum of Liberal Arts and Liberal Studies. To promote the atmosphere for debate, LA and LS classes hold debating activities regularly and the inter-chamber debate competition in Humanities Week (previously known as the LA & LS Week) every year. Moreover, our teachers led the Chinese Debate team to take part in different inter-school Chinese debate competitions to boost students’ critical thinking and broaden their horizons.



Social Experiential Learning

Experiential learning is one of our key learning strategies. Liberal Arts and Liberal Studies departments collaborated with LS Club to organize different visits, such as:

  • Participating in the Hong Kong outdoor real-life puzzle game “West venture” to lead students to experience the reality of poverty hidden in the community through observations and live mystery games.
  • Visiting the Legislative Council and sitting LegCo meetings.
  • Experiencing extreme poverty by spending $30 on food for one day organized by Oxfam.

City Hunt 2122Social Experiential LearningSocial Experiential Learning

Social Experiential LearningSocial Experiential LearningSocial Experiential Learning

Social Experiential LearningSocial Experiential LearningSocial Experiential Learning

Humanities Week (Co-organized with PSHE departments)

Liberal Arts and Liberal Studies departments organized a series of vivid activities in the Humanities Week every year:

  • Inter-chamber Debating Competition

Participants had to debate on different world issues to win the Debating competition championship.

Debating CompetitionDebating Competition

Debating CompetitionDebating CompetitionDebating Competition

  • Olympics Mascot Design Competition

Through this competition, students devised their creativity and design skills, and had an in-depth understanding of the cultural characteristics of China and Hong Kong. Students enjoyed this competition so much and their designs are fruitful.

Mascat Design Winner

Our Dragon Mo Ling Man 10C (23)
Our Dragon-Mo Ling Man 10C (23) 

凌霄閣 Lau Ka Ching 10E (14)
凌霄閣-Lau Ka Ching 10E (14)

龍  So Chin Shun 9B (23)
龍-So Chin Shun 9B (23)


Black Faced Spoonbill Chan Dang Yee Alyssa 8D (2)
Black Faced Spoonbill-Chan Dang Yee Alyssa
8D (2)


東東(朱雀) Cheung Cin-win 7C (6)
東東(朱雀)-Cheung Cin-win 7C (6)


  • Through watching movies, playing board games and visiting special exhibitions, students understand more about contemporary social issues such as poverty and sustainable development

LS Week Cage Home

Students’ Achievements

Our students’ outstanding performance was well recognized and awarded in various inter-school competitions:




Debate competitions

The 36th Sing Tao Inter-School Debating Competition (2020-21)

Sing Tao Daily, The Standard and EDB

Best Debater  8B Kwok Chi Ching
Best Debater & Best Interrogative Debater 11E So Wing Kiu

The 10th Fun Cup (2020-21)

Holly Trinity College

Best Debater  8B 14 Leung Yeuk Hei

The 20th Basic Law Debating Competition (2021-22)

Joint Committee for the Promotion of the Basic Law of Hong Kong

Best Debater 9B 11 Kwok Chi Ching

The 3rd Hong Kong Schools Debate Competition (2021-22)

Hong Kong Schools Debate Federation

Best Debater 9D 20 Mak Cin Yee

Design-thinking competitions

Youth Impact Award

The Boys’ & Girls’ Clubs Association of Hong Kong and  D.H. Chen Foundation

Merit Award
9E Chu Wing Ting Jennifer  9B Fu Cheuk Yiu

9B Chu Ka Yee  9B Gilbert Lewis James

The 15th Consumer Culture Study Award

EDB and Consumer Council

Special Recognition Award & Special Recognition (Topic) Award

Basic law competition

“Understanding the Constitution, the Basic Law-Walking with the Rule of Law” Hong Kong Secondary School Quiz and Project learning Competition

Hong Kong Shine Tak Foundation & New Territories School Heads Association

Overall Performance – Merit Award

Individual Online Quiz – School Merit Award  8A 16 KWOK Lok Yao