Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance aims to help financially disadvantaged students with good conduct and behaviour. The application period opens throughout the year. Students who apply for financial assistance could be waived for a maximum of 100% tuition fees. Please refer to the information below for the calculation method.

Types of Assistance


Fee Remission (FR)

The amount of fee remission will be approved based on applicants’ annual family income and assets. The maximum approved amount will be the full rate of school fee. For details, please use the “Fee Remission Estimator” below and refer to the document “Fee Remission / Financial Assistance Details”.


Financial Assistance Subsidy (FAS) - Activities

  1. Students under Fee Remission are also entitled to financial subsidy for excursions, overseas exchange programmes and a range of Other Learning Experiences (OLE) activities.
  2. The percentage of the assistance will be commensurate with the approved percentage of Fee Remission. The maximum granted amount is the annual tuition fee.


Wong Kam Fai Financial Assistantship (WKFFA)

Students who have been granted fee remission may receive WKFFA of maximum $4,000 as the subsidy for learning-related expenses. Students should fill in Form FIN-10 and return it to the General Office for handling.

Application Period

The deadlines for fee remission application are August 31 and January 31 every year. However, special cases for emergency situation will be processed in between the application periods. Students should return the completed application form together with the supporting documents before the deadline.

Fee Remission Estimator

Download full text and details

NOTE: Subject to EDB's approval, the annual tuition fee for 2024/25 may be revised. The increment will not exceed 5.6 %. After discussion with the Parent Teacher Association and pending EDB's approval, parents of the 2024/25 G2-5 students will be informed of the proposed school fee in May 2024.