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Personal growth 

We believe that…
“Every student is unique and has the potential to succeed.”

The mission of the Student Development Division is to enhance the whole-person development of students. We provide a safe learning environment for the students, empowering them to be spiritually mature, wise and informed, artistic, physically robust, creative and civic-minded.

Upholding the tradition and educational belief of the Hong Kong Baptist University, we aim at developing students to be contributing global citizens with national pride at heart. We focus on exploring students’ potential in an environment where East meets West. Moreover, we help students develop a sense of belonging to the school through various Positive Education programmes and activities. In turn, students can better encounter their stress and challenges in daily life, and ultimately have a flourishing life.

We guide our students and foster their personal growth with the Positive Education essentials to: 

  • build a sense of purpose and meaning of life
  • establish a positive relationship with parents, school members, society and the nation
  • cultivate positive emotion, engagements in learning
  • foster perseverance and “Growth mindset”
  • distinguish the right from the wrong and show acceptance towards varied values
  • develop independent learning skills, particularly self-management skills and collaboration skills
  • use their character strengths in ways that support the self and others
  • build a positive, healthy lifestyle 

Our Student Development Division is divided into different sub-divisions which include Student Management & Support, Students’ Advancement Support, Moral & Civic Education, Guidance and Home-School Liaison.

Positive Education in A-School

To recognise of the importance of well-being of our life, we implement the Positive Education programme in our school. The model in our school is based on the Institute of Positive Education is as follows:

P: Postive Emotion
E: Engagement
R: Relationship
M: Meaning
A: Accomplishment
H: Positive Health   

The figure below which shows how the PERMAH framework has been applied in practice through elements:

The flourism model

In order to implement a whole-school approach to foster positive mental health and well-being, we adopt repeated processes.

PERMAH Model at A-School
Positive Emotions
  • Seeing with our hearts program
  • A+ Passport, A Diary program
  • Gratitude letter to parents
  • A Gratitude moment
  • Book character day
  • Class culture building
  • Good people good deeds
  • Student led conference
Positive Relationships
  • Appreciation corner
  • Love week
  • Parent forums
  • Mentorship program
  • Letter to child
  • Meeting with outliers
  • Spiritual nourishment
  • Student’s sharing
  • Goal setting
  • Community services
  • Scholarship and nomination
  • Inauguration ceremony
  • House systems & inter-house competitions
  • Leadership programs
  • Growth Mindset 
Positive Health
  • Self-Management skills
  • School bag weighing competition
  • Safety school rules
  • Sports Friday


PERMAH element