Home School Partnership

Home School Partnership

We believe a good home school partnership is important for students’ growth. Therefore, we have different channels to enhance our home school partnership.

Parent-Teacher Association (PTA)

A-School Parent-Teacher Association serves as an effective communication channel between the school and parents, which will certainly enhance the understanding of and support for each other. Each year, the PTA organizes various kinds of activities for both parents, teachers and students, such as festive celebrations, outings, workshops and staircase running competition.

Parent Education Academy (PEA)

A-Parent Education Academy is established to provide various learning opportunities on Positive Education for every A-School parent.  It aims to equip these parents with positive communication techniques and to understand their children’s emotions and stress, so as to build up a positive relationship with each other.

Parent Volunteers

A-School has a strong team of parent volunteers, namely, school event helpers, library helpers, storytellers, school decoration helpers and lunch helpers Parents’ active engagement in the school voluntary services provides a strong support to us. This enhance their understanding of A-School. And, our students are benefited in different ways.

Parent-School Clubs

Our school has organized various Parent-School Clubs, including the A-Sports Club, Movie Appreciation Club, and Parent-School Choir, aiming to bring students, parents, and teachers closer together. Through participating in sports, appreciating art, and creating a relaxed environment, we strive to foster stronger bonds between families and the school community.