Green School

Green School Unit aims to enhance the awareness of environmental protection and promote a green lifestyle among teachers and students. 

Different kinds of activities are organised regularly. For example, we joined the “Schools Recycle WEEE” Programme to collect unwanted computers, electronic equipment and rechargeable batteries at school. Green Week is held every year and a team of Eco Pioneers is trained up for coordinating green events among peers. Also, we would invite famous guest speakers to share their insights and experience towards environmental protection. Our Chinese Herbal Garden has been established to provide students with an opportunity to learn how to protect the habitats of plants and know more about the properties and uses of different kinds of Chinese medicine. 

In our daily operations, recycling and reusing are emphasized. For example, in order to save paper, parent notices are issued via intranet while e-Fax system is adopted to receive documents by email. 

With the dedication and support of each and every A-School member, we are proud to have been awarded:

  • The 12th Hong Kong Green School Award Gold Award 
  • The 15th Hong Kong Green School Award Silver Award