SCAD dinner with Alumni

Tonia and I were fortunate enough to participate in an evening gathering at SCAD with Deputy Principal Eric Lo, Miss Fok, Mr Law and Mr Tang. During the gathering, we gained insight into how artists can merge and relate their works with local communities. An alumnus of SCAD shared his work experience in Hong Kong as a photographer. He took photos of models on the streets of Hong Kong for a fashion magazine. In the collection of works he showed us, he explained how he uses the vivid neon lights of Hong Kong as primary light sources to set the tone and mood of the photos to create a mysterious and illusional atmosphere. As both alumni of A-School and current students of SCAD, Tonia and I were excited when we heard about SCAD’s Hong Kong campus might be the stage for the next APEX graduation show. We look forward to the show, and we hope we can continue to inspire others with this tradition of A-School.