UK Visit 2024

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In addition to presenting projects in Bett UK 2024, our students had the chance to explore various iconic and educational sites in London.  One of the memorable experiences was visiting the Buckingham Palace and the British Museum. These historic landmarks provided our students with a glimpse of the rich culture and history of the United Kingdom. Exploring the exhibits and artifacts at the British Museum allowed our students to broaden their knowledge.

Another noteworthy visit was to the Apple Store, where they attended a useful workshop. Students learned to create animations using various apps on the iPad, allowing them to explore their creativity and develop practical skills in digital arts. They also visited the GoodNote UK office to learn more about the latest trends in technology and how they can be applied in the academic field.

Visiting to the prestigious Oxford University was another highlight of the trip. Known for its deep history and magnificent architecture, Oxford University is a symbol of academic excellence. This visit to Oxford University served as a reminder of the importance of education and the pursuit of intellectual growth.

Overall, our trip to London was truly an enriching experience for our students.  We believe that these experiences have broadened their horizons, nurtured their curiosity, and inspired them to continue to strive for excellence.