Intangible Cultural Heritage Activities Series

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"Intangible cultural heritage" refers to cultural traditions and crafts that are intangible in nature. Due to the intangible nature and the changes brought by time, many unique cultural practices and crafts are at risk of being lost. Our Grade 5 and Grade 6 students participated in various experiential activities to explore the meaning and value of intangible cultural heritage.

Grade 5 - "ICH @ Schools" - Lantern Making 
Lantern making is one of China's intangible cultural heritage projects, carrying cultural significance and artistic value. It is widely used in festive occasions and even religious ceremonies.

We had the honor of inviting Mr Xia Zhongjian, known as the "Lantern Making King," to our school to teach us the art of lantern making. It was the student's first encounter with the craft, and they found it fascinating. The students followed Mr Xia's instructions carefully to create lively and adorable rabbit lanterns. In a two-hour workshop, Mr Xia's passion for lantern-making deeply influenced us, and we realized that creativity, patience, and technique are indispensable in creating lantern craftworks. We sincerely admire the inheritors engaged in intangible cultural heritage projects.

Grade 6 - "If I Were an Inheritor" Interactive Experience
In this experiential activity, students got to learn about different local intangible cultural heritage items, such as Nanyin, pasting couplets, and making Cheongsam. Students also become little inheritors, creating dazzling gold rings and patterned bands. At the end of the activity, students expressed that these simple crafts were not as easy to make as they had imagined. They also gained an appreciation for the value embedded in these skilled crafts.