Reading Day

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On Saturday, the primary school campus came alive with book characters. Our theme for this year’s Reading Day was ‘Percci’s Character Strengths’. We aim to make links between the 24 character strengths, our six core values, and those of the book character we choose to represent.

The day started with our Reading Team greeting students at the school gates. Squeals of delight could be heard as we excitedly talked about the book characters. Some very creative outfits were seen and the students could all identify the character strengths. Our first activity of the day was our signature Catwalk show where students and teachers took to the stage. A highlight was the parent-child catwalk show with family costumes. The effort put in by the parents and children was phenomenal!

The annual Battle of the Books saw classes pitted against each other in a mighty battle with one class in each grade emerging winners. We were, however, all winners for having read quality literature with five English and five Chinese books as a part of the Battle of the Books preparation throughout the whole school year.

Class sharing sessions saw students taking turns to share about the book they read, the character they were dressed up as, as well as the character strength of the book character that was evident through examples from the book.

The classes were then treated to a fabulous Reading Assembly on Zoom by Doug Scheer who presented the Magic of Reading. This interactive assembly introduced several books to students in an engaging way. The children loved the magic that Doug wove into the show and many wanted to go and borrow the books mentioned in the reading assembly.

We are extremely proud of the fact that our students love and enjoy reading and can make connections to their character strengths through reading.