Bett UK 2024 Show Presentation

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Our students had the incredible opportunity to participate in the Bett UK Show in late-January.  The Bett Show is renowned as the largest and the most important education technology exhibition in the world.  4B CHEUNG Phil, 4D CHUNG Lai Him, 5B NG Tsz Lok, 7A CHEUNG Ho Lun Linus, 7A TSE Ka Long, 7B SO Pak Hei, 7B WU Sheung Hei Darren and 7C CHAN Chun represented our school in this event and had the chance to meet people from around the world and deliver presentations in front of audiences from different countries.  

Notably, our students had the honor of presenting their projects to Dr. Choi Yuk-lin, JP, the Secretary for Education in Hong Kong, and Dr. Benjamin Chan, MH, our Chief Principal, who visited their booth.  Our students' involvement in this event allowed them to showcase their talents, creativity, exceptional presentation skills, and passion in the field of STEAM on a global stage.

We are proud of our students for embracing this opportunity and representing our school with such professionalism and enthusiasm.  Their involvement in the BETT Show not only highlighted their individual achievements but also showcased the excellence of our school's STEAM programme.  We are confident that this experience has provided them with valuable insights, memories, and the motivation to continue creating innovative projects.