Create Your District Competition 2023

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The Create Your District Competition 2023, organized by the Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors, serves as a platform to inspire and motivate students to delve into the captivating tapestry of the Northern Metropolis. The competition encourages participants to immerse themselves in its vibrant history, cultural traditions, and urban development, and showcases their boundless creativity by envisioning an ideal community for the district. It brings us great pleasure to announce that 12D (7) CHU Ming Him Himsley and 12D (19) LAM Lok Yan have won the Merit Award in the 3D Model category.

Throughout the competition, they actively participated in a workshop and guided tour held in July, specifically designed to acquaint themselves with the Northern Metropolis district. This immersive experience aimed to provide them with comprehensive knowledge about the district's location characteristics, economic standing, site conditions, and its relationship with the surrounding area. Following the workshop, they collaborated as a team to create a visual representation of a designated area within Northern Metropolis, envisioning an ideal state from the perspective of surveyors. Through this experience, they sought to deepen their understanding of the connection and interplay between geoscience and urban development in Hong Kong.