Hong Kong Interschool Mediation Tournament 2024

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Three promising young students, 9B KWAN Tsz Kiu, 9C CHONG Hiu Nam and 9E LI Nga Yu, from A-School participated in the Hong Kong Interschool Mediation Tournament 2024 on March 9-10, 2024.  Through interactive lessons, demonstrations, hands-on mock mediation sessions, and guided discussions in the Tournament, participants acquired and practiced the basic skills of mediation applicable to their daily lives, both in family or school settings, and learned how to reach an ideal "win-win" situation through amicable resolutions of day-to-day disputes and differences.  Rather than winning a legal point, students focused on exploring the views of different parties and formulating a solution for them. 

Despite being the youngest team in the competition and the demanding schedules, our students delivered outstanding performances in the tournament with their dedication, determination, passion, and proactiveness.  Their active involvement and eagerness to take on challenges are a testament to their commendable commitment to personal growth and academic excellence.