Language Week 2023-2024

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A huge THANK YOU to everyone for your support and participation during Language Week 2023-2024! Your contributions made this event truly remarkable.

This year, our Third Language students were given greater autonomy in showcasing their creativity and originality in the Language Week, and the results were astonishing! From homemade Mona Lisa-inspired artwork to presentations on stunning tourist spots in Japan, all the booths reflected their passion for languages and months of collective hard work.

In addition, we're thrilled to have collaborated with the Goethe-Institut Hong Kong, the British Council, and the Hong Kong Society for the Deaf. Our students immersed themselves in German culture, learned more about the international benchmark examination, IELTS, and even acquired basic sign language skills – all of which expanded their horizons and enriched their language-learning journey.

Our Language Week experience was not just about language acquisition but also a celebration of diverse cultures that language binds us to. Let's join hands in promoting cultural understanding through language practice together!