One Team, One Dream: A-School Boys and Girls Fencing Conquer the Championships!

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Our Fencing team has achieved remarkable success! After dominating the individual events and the Foil Team event, our team remained focused and determined to aim for the overall championship on the final day.

In intense contests of Sabre and Epee Team competition, both our boys and girls showed incredible dedication and determination. They advanced to the quarter-finals, with the Boys Sabre and Epee Teams facing tough opponents but giving their all until the very end. They secured impressive 5th and 6th place finishes, respectively.

Our Girls Sabre and Epee Teams started strong, becoming top seeds in the knock-out round. They displayed absolute dominance, reaching the semi-finals. The young Sabre Team stunned everyone by defeating Lam Tai Fai College with an incredible score of 45-42. Their never-give-up attitude earned A-School its first Sabre title! The Epee Team fell just short in the semi-finals but bounced back to secure a well-deserved third place.

In the end, our Boys’ Team clinched the Overall Champion title by defeating HKTA The Yuen Yuen Institute No.1 Secondary School by a single point. Our Girls’ Team, with a remarkable comeback, retained the Overall Title by defeating Lam Tai Fai College in the Sabre and Epee Team event!

This success not only showcases our improving skills but also highlights the importance of teamwork and cohesion. As we look ahead to the new fencing centre opening on campus next year, we are determined to work even harder, and achieve greater goals together!