A-School Awarded Wastewi$e and Energywi$e Certificates

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With the continual support and contribution of all members in our school community, A-School met the stipulated requirements and successfully attained the Wastewi$e Certificate and the Energywi$e Certificate, prestigious certifications awarded by the Environmental Campaign Committee (ECC).  These certificates recognize the efforts and accomplishments of organizations in effectively managing waste and conserving energy. 

Our school has been continuously demonstrating its commitment to sustainable practices and environmental responsibility.  The receipt of the Wastewi$e Certificate indicates that effective waste management strategies have been implemented in our school, including the initiation of recycling programmes, waste reduction measures, and proper disposal practices.  By actively addressing waste-related issues, a cleaner and greener environment has been achieved.

Similarly, the Energywi$e Certificate acknowledges our efforts in energy conservation. This involves implementing energy-efficient practices, promoting awareness of energy-saving measures, and adopting sustainable technologies. By reducing energy consumption, our school not only helps mitigate environmental impact but also contributes to cost savings and overall sustainability.

Overall, the achievements of our school in attaining both the Wastewi$e Certificate and the Energywi$e Certificate reflect our dedication to environmental stewardship and our commitment to making a positive difference in Hong Kong's sustainability efforts.